Prison Art
"Praise" (2004) 26" x 38"
Dean Roberts

Prison Art
"Matthew 19: 5 & 6" (2003) 26" x 38"
Dean Roberts

Prison Art

"Thank You Lord" (2005) 26" x 38"
Dean Roberts



Celebrating Native Spirituality

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Hidden Voices

Dr Professor Martin Brokenleg, Director of Native Ministries
Programmes and First Nations Ministry and Theology at UBC's Vancouver School of Theology sits on the board and advisory committee of "Hidden Voices." Martin Brokenleg has agreed to go into the Pathways Program to meet the artists and bring a living picture of their work, stories and process of inner transformation to the public.

Hidden Voices is still very much in its infancy, but the idea is to
present three pieces of art work by half a dozen Native artists
wanting to contribute, whose cultural, individual and artistic
identity would be explored through their artwork presented within the exhibition. Dean Roberts and I have it in mind that the Native art work would be accompanied with three texts presenting the inmates' Cultural Background, Individual Biography, and Personal Identity as an Artist. A series of photographs depicting personal development celebrating the men's inner identity as Native Artists would accompany the exhibition "Hidden Voices."

"Hidden Voices" is our first project involving other inmates. The hope is for Elizabeth to take responsibility for the three texts/
narratives and Dean to carry the focus of artistic work, however, if need be Dean is willing to do the necessary interviews to compile the three texts to accompany the works of art. Dean will be responsible for the photo documentary of "Hidden Voices" in the inside.

First Nations' Dignity

Encircling Light - Expectant Silence
A Conference on the North
1-8 August 2009: Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, Canada

Now full-time in Pathways at Mission Institution within Correctional Services of Canada, Dean Roberts has been invited to contribute to an international conference on the North. The Tagish Nation hosting the conference in the Yukon Territories have welcomed an exhibition of Dean Roberts' glass artwork. The often unacknowledged cultural genocide of the First Nations' People accounts for the disproportionately higher percentage of aboriginal people incarcerated in prisons throughout Canada.

Dean Roberts' Native Trilogy: "Praise", "Matthew 19: 5 & 6", and "Thank You Lord" reclaims and re-inspires the lost spirit of humanity, dignity and integrity embodied in the original culture of the aboriginal peoples of Canada.

Dean Roberts' First Nations' Trilogy was inspired out of his first
work on the subject: "Freedom"



Prison Art
"Freedom" (2003) 26" x 38"
Dean Roberts