Prison Art
Dean Roberts,"Sharbat Gula"

International Acclaim

Dean Roberts exhibited at the third International Festival of Glass at
Stourbridge, which was held from 22nd - 25th August 2008. This is the highlight of every glass enthusiast's calendar. Reinvigorating
Stourbridge's reputation as a global glass centre it draws large
national and international audiences into Stourbridge and the Black
Country to see glass making at its finest. It features world class
exhibitions, including the prestigious British Glass Biennale,
demonstrations, performances and events. Visit for
further information.

The Anne Peaker Centre supported and endorsed Dean Roberts' public exposure in England. Please see coverage of Dean Roberts' artwork and article on the cover and pages 4 & 5 with supporting ideas and work by Elizabeth Carmack, ie Advocacy for Art in Prison on pages 6 & 7 in the Anne Peaker Centre Summer Bulletin 2008.

The International Festival of Glass in Stourbridge England has
honoured Dean Roberts as a permanent featured glass artist in
festivals to come. August 2008 Elizabeth Carmack was invited to give a lecture on the process of Dean Roberts' inner transformation mirrored in his art work, which was deferred until the next British Glass Biennale owing to her recent move to Vancouver Canada.



Prison Art
Dean Roberts, "Summer Breeze"