Prison Art
Dean Roberts,"Sharbat Gula"

What We Are

"Advocacy for Art in Prison" is a free-standing, independent
initiative started in 2006 by inmate Dean Roberts and Elizabeth Carmack advocating recognition for his artistic voice on the outside.

"Advocacy for Art in Prison" is a non-profit organisation working to endorse the efforts of artists actively engaged in their artwork behind bars in Canada.


Lord David Ramsbotham former Chief Inspector of Prisons in UK
1995-2001, Honorary President of the Koestler Trust and patron of the Anne Peaker Centre is willing to publicly endorse Advocacy for Art in Prison here in Canada within the context of his recent work with the Arts Forum and Arts Alliance, which advocate new legislation in support of the arts and involvement of non-profit organisations, ie charities working within the sphere of criminal justice throughout prisons in Great Britain.

The Arts Alliance

Koestler Trust

Anne Peaker Centre

Hidden Voices Project

Dr Professor Martin Brokenleg, Director of Native Ministries
Programmes and First Nations Ministry and Theology at UBC's Vancouver School of Theology sits on the board and advisory committee of "Hidden Voices." Martin Brokenleg has agreed to go into the Pathways Program to meet the artists and bring a living picture of their work, stories and process of inner transformation to the public. [read more]

Prison Art
Dean Roberts, "Summer Breeze"